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Tuition and Fees

Higher education creates higher salaries. As the low-cost provider of higher education in the Salt Lake Valley, 澳门威尼斯人网站 gives you a remarkable return on your investment. Full-time resident tuition and fees is just $4,256.50*. *This amount reflects the cost of full-time resident tuition (12-18 credit hours) and student fees for a full academic year (fall & spring semester). Course-specific fees are not included in the total.

summer 2023-spring 2024

Non-residents pay resident tuition for summer semester.
Credit Hours Resident Non-Resident Apprenticeship
1 $312.25 $950.50 $175.75
2 $502.50 $1,512.00 $250.00
3 $694.00 $2,074.75 $324.25
4 $875.00 $2,627.00 $398.50
5 $1,056.00 $3,179.25 $472.75
6 $1,237.25 $3,731.75 $547.00
7 $1,385.75 $4,251.50 $621.25
8 $1,534.25 $4,771.25 $695.50
9 $1,682.75 $5,291.00 $769.75
10 $1,831.25 $5,810.75 $844.00
11 $1,979.75 $6,330.50 $918.25
12-18 $2,128.25 $6,850.25 $992.50
19 $2,276.75 $7,370.00 $1,066.75
20 $2,425.25 $7,889.75 $1,141.00
21 $2,573.75 $8,409.50 $1,215.25
22 $2,722.25 $8,929.25 $1,289.50
23 $2,870.75 $9,449.00 $1,363.75
24 $3,019.25 $9,968.75 $1,438.00
25*** $3,167.75 $10,488.50 $1,512.25
*** Amount for each additional credit hour:
  • Resident: $148.50
  • Non-resident: $519.75
  • Apprenticeship: $74.25

Cost of Attendance

Your cost of attendance includes the estimated educational expenses associated with attending 澳门威尼斯人网站. The cost of attendance is used to calculate your financial aid eligibility.

As these budgets are only estimates, there may be times when your expenses are higher. In these cases, you may meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to review these expenses and ask for an adjustment to your estimated expenses. These items may include, dependent care, disability-related or study abroad expenses during the academic year. 

Resident Resident Living with Parents Non-Resident Non-Resident Living with Parents
Tuition & Fees See tuition & fees table above
Books, Course Materials, Supplies & Equipment $700 $700 $700 $700
Housing & Food $15,514 $3,912 $15,514 $3,912
Transportation $2,476 $2,476 $2,476 $2,476
Personal Expenses $1,688 $1,688 $1,688 $1,688


Delinquent Accounts/Collection

A $50 late payment fee and a $25 collection fee will be charged to student accounts with unpaid tuition and fees. Holds will be placed on registration, transcripts, grades, and graduation. All delinquent accounts may accrue interest, have liens placed against Utah State Income Tax refunds, and be referred to 3rd party collection agencies, subject to credit reporting, and litigation.

International Students

International students are assessed an additional $125 administrative fee per semester and may be subject to a health insurance fee.

Tuition & Fees Separated

Please refer to the table linked below for a breakdown of tuition and fees for residential, nonresidential, and apprenticeship students.

Current semester tuition holds are automatically removed 24 hours after tuition is paid in full. Students who do not attend classes and/or do not officially drop classes are responsible for tuition and fee charges.

Student Fee Usage

Please refer to the table linked below for a breakdown of how your student fees are used.


Non-resident Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) students pay a reduced WICHE WUE rate. Through the WUE program, non-residents of 15 western states are eligible to attend 澳门威尼斯人网站 at a reduced-tuition rate while maintaining residency within their home state. Please refer to the table linked below for the current WICHE WUE Tuition & Fee Schedule.

Additional details regarding program eligibility and application can be found here. For further information regarding current WICHE WUE rates, please contact the Residency Specialist in Admissions. Current contact information for the Residency Specialist can be found here.